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The story of the Pinguino

Pinguino, as we know it, was born in Tampere, Finland in 2012.

It’s hard even for us to believe the roots of Pinguino Surfboards. The solid background being in Northern Europe, in the Baltic Sea, gives us no exposure for proper swells. But that background makes our path even more interesting. It only pushes us further, step by step.

While our Finnish roots remain for good, Pinguino Surfboards is now situated in an intersection of Atlantic swells. Our new premises lie on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain and this milieu is more than promising for Pinguino’s new developments. This is where we follow our passion and live the lifestyle we crave for. Surfing is what surfing does, and that world is beyond addiction.

Although the world of surfing is constantly developing into more commercial and competitive direction, we see it in our own way. For us surfing is a combination of freedom, friendship and cultures while being an individual sport beyond any other. Therefore we develop and produce our boards with individuals in mind.

Our backbone is tailoring boards for our customers and therefore we keep them involved in every step throughout the manufacturing process. Customer experiences, our own team riders and feedback from professional surfers push us further on daily basis and that challenges us to stay on the cutting edge in technology and material choices.

Let’s shake hands on the coast, smile in the lineup and respect each other!

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  • 2012 The journey begins
  • 2013 The first surfboard catalog
  • 2015 Finnish championship victory
  • 2016 Exodus to Gran Canaria
             Finnish Championship victory
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